Rogue Voodoo Bands Review

If you’ve ever seen somebody use a Voodoo Floss band before, you probably wondered what exactly they were hoping to accomplish by wrapping a band around some body part and then moving it around. Moreover, if you managed to actually talk with the owner you probably heard some fantastic tale of it solving pain that had been nagging them for years. Understandably you were a bit skeptical so you went to the Internet to find the truth. Lets see how Voodoo Floss Bands really stack up.

First things first : Price: $24 USD for (2) 7’ bands or $42 USD for (1) 28’ band.

Manufacturer: Rogue Fitness.  You can buy them here at Rogue.

Additional brands are available through Amazon.

Voodoo Floss Bands

How They Work:

Voodoo Floss Bands provide compression to a specific joint or muscle(s). When this compression is coupled with movement, a phenomena known as ‘tacking and flossing’, multiple things occur. It improves range of motion by helping to reduce tissue restriction, improves joint mechanics, and pushes swelling out of the area and into the lymphatic system for proper drainage.

How to Use:

Voodoo Floss Bands are very simple to use and merely require one, sometimes two, hands to wrap the band around the desired area. Dr. Kelly Starrett recommends to wrap the band towards the heart, beginning at the furthest point from the heart for the desired area. An example for a knee wrap would be to begin wrapping below the knee and work up towards your quadriceps.


Easy: There is essentially zero learning curve, just wrap the band around the desired area and tuck it back into itself and start mobilizing. Also it is very easy to carry around in a gym bag or anywhere on the go.

Longevity: This is a quality product that I have used for 3 years now and it works just as well as when I first purchased it. It will fade over time and usage, but we aren’t shooting for cool points here.

Multi Purpose: Can be used for mobilizing/stretching to improve movement and to reduce inflammation from nagging injuries/help recover for the next workout. This is huge as most mobility tools are single facet like foam rollers just providing myofascial release. Perfect for warming up for a WOD or cooling down and stretching afterwards.

Quick Results: Only takes up to a minute or two of mobilizing to make immediately noticeable changes to your physiology. This is especially prominent if you’re trying to work out inflammation.

Adaptability: Nearly any part of your limbs (legs/arms) so ankles, knees, wrists, elbows, shoulders, etc can be treated. Stay away from the trunk as they were not designed for that.


One Person Ease of Use: Some positions can be tough to wrap such as elbows or shoulders, so having a partner in these situations will make it much easier. I highly recommend mobilizing at your box with a friend, both before or after a WOD as it is makes the time go much faster.

Should Clean: I say “should clean” because I have cleaned my own set once in the preceding three years; however, I do the majority of my mobilizations at home when I’m not sweaty. If you find yourself using the bands to warmup or cool down from workouts, you’re likely sweating a fair amount and they can attract dirt and other grime. A quick wash with some soap will make them sparkle again!

Temporary Skin Marks: You will more than likely see redness and marks on your skin from your use of the bands. If you begin to notice any unbearable tingling sensations or pain, the band is probably too tight, immediately remove it.  Skin marks typically last only between 5-20 minutes, then fade away.


The Voodoo Floss Bands are one of the premier mobility products for any athlete and I personally consider them one of my top three mobility tools along with my lacrosse ball and foam roller. I recommend this product to anybody dealing with inflammation in their arms and legs, those trying to improve their mobility and movement patterns, and to anyone wishing to spend a few minutes doing some preventative maintenance to avoid future injuries.


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